Leave of Absence

New chapter

After a period of fifteen years (2004–2019) working as a full-time recorder professor at the Superior Conservatory of Music in Sevilla, Spain, I have decided to request a leave of absence to focus on artistic doctorate studies and my career as a performer. A new and exciting step for me in which I will be lucky enough to delve deeper into a subject that I am passionate about, historical improvisation, and I will do so both on a theoretical and a practical level, as I will be following a PhD in the Arts. I have just enrolled at docARTES, a doctoral programme for performers and composers hosted by Orpheus Instituut (Ghent) and Leuven University’s Doctoral Programme of Arts KU Leuven / LUCA Faculty of the Arts.

University of Louvain Library. Source: KU Leuven

University of Louvain Library. Source: KU Leuven


For this reason, news and updates will no longer appear on this website for the coming years, which however documents the activity of my class during the period from 2011 to June 2019. Nevertheless, I hope that all the contents published here during that time will remain online and available for consultation, such as the audiovisual archive, the bibliography and a good number of articles.

Thank you

I should like to acknowledge my students for their excellent job during their education years in Seville, as well as for their great responsibility and commitment in carrying out their studies, very often with outstanding results. It has been a great satisfaction for me and a great learning experience. I believe I have not always made things easy as a teacher. But I am convinced that it has been worth it.

Thank you and see you soon!

Vicente Parrilla