Cantata BWV 71 «Gott ist mein König (Dios es mi rey)» — Bach and the «political recorder»

1. General information about the cantata

The cantata BWV 71 «Gott ist mein König» is a church cantata, written in 1708 during Bach’s time as an organist in Mühlhausen (at the chruch «Divi Blasii»). It was written for the celebration service for the new elected «Rath» (that was the head of the protestant church). The writer of the text is unkown, but it is possible that the author is pastor Georg Christian Eilmar (pastor of «Divi Blasii»). Since it was a cantata for an important official celebration, it was printed in a little edition and that is the only printed cantata during Bach’s lifetime from which we still have the original print today.
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